Carol Gadsden, President


Carol Gadsden is a Native of New York City; she serves as an anointed Worship Leader, Director of Worship & Arts, ordained Minister, and Pastor.  She is a Godly role model for her 3 grown sons and has uniquely birthed hosts of Jewels for Christ ~ women of all nations who are empowered to reach their destiny.  Carol has a  passion for needy and hurting people, out of which a mission for outreach and evangelism evolved.  She is the C.E.O. and Founder of The Women of Destiny International which is a Non-profit Organization and has accomplished a KBA Degree (Kingdom Business & Abundance).  Pastor Carol believes that unconditional love holds the key to success.  Pastor Carol (AKA) PC flows under a two-fold prophetic and evangelistic anointing where she ministers through song and the preached word of God.  Pastor Carol’s desire is to propel all women to their appointed destiny and calling, one woman at a time; she is proud to say that every accomplishment, every test, every success, every heartbreak, and every VICTORY was and is, all about JESUS, ALL ABOUT HIM! 

Germaine Baldwin, Secretary


Min. Germaine Baldwin was born and raised in the wonderful state of NC and is a bona fide PK (Preacher’s Kid). Throughout the years of her father’s Pastoral Leadership, she was mentored and trained to be an awesome leader in the church. 

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in Psychology, Min. Germaine would marry and travel the world aboard as a spouse in the United States Army for 20 years. In 2013, she was ordained as a minister. God’s amazing plans began to unfold in her life while being mentored by an awesome woman of God, Pastor Carol Gadsden. Here is where she would become a part of Women of Destiny (Japan) International.

Min. Germaine currently resides in the lovely country of Japan with her beautiful family and continues for focus daily on advancing the Kingdom of God and mentoring one soul at a time.

T. Devona Yates, Treasurer


Devona Yates was born in New Jersey to Missionary Julia and Reverend Frank Walker. A middle child of six, Devona learned at an early age of the importance of family and serving others. Married for 21 years as a military spouse, she has had the opportunity to travel abroad sharing her candid mentorship and healing smile. She is the mother of two energetic boys. She has a strong belief in building a foundation based on God’s love, God’s plan and God’s word. Devona strongly believes that laughter may heal most wounds but God heals all wounds. In 2017 Devona set an example for her children by striving for higher education in which she received her BA in Social and Criminal Justice; proving that it’s never too late to build your mind and reach for your goals.